It is a document that sets out planning policies for a Neighbourhood Area – in our case, Kimbolton Parish.

It is a new way of enabling the local community to influence the planning of the area in which they live and work. Neighbourhood Plans enable local people to take a more active role in the development of planning policies that reflect local needs and aspirations.


The Parish Council has set up a Steering Group, comprised of local residents, to bring the Neighbourhood Plan to fruition in 2018. Once adopted, the Plan will run until 2031.

In April 2016 a successful Launch Event was held in the Village Hall and this was followed by a Community Survey in July. The response was excellent and a Report on the Survey findings is published on the Consultations page. In October an Open Event was held in the Village Hall. Our Planning Consultant made a presentation on the main Survey findings and explained the draft “Visions and Objectives” for the Plan. A copy of this Draft is on the Consultations page. The presentation was followed by a short Question and Answer session and there was an opportunity to discuss your thoughts on the “Vision and Objectives” with members of the Steering Group.

In  December 2016 an Open Evening was held in the Village Hall where our Planning Consultant made a presentation on the proposed Settlement Boundary for the village and the findings of the Characterisation Report. Copies of these documents are on the Consultation and Evidence pages respectively.

From the evidence which was gathered a draft Neighbourhood Plan was produced and was the subject of a seven week consultation that closed on 30th May, 2017. The comments which were received and the responses to them are summarized in an Appendix which may be found in the Consultation Statement which is on the Consultations section of this site.

The Regulation 16 consultation conducted by Herefordshire Council closed on 22nd November 2017. The Plan was sent for  examination by an independent Examiner on the 14th December 2017 . The “Progress to Examination Report” can be found in the Consultations section of this site as can an email dated 11th January 2018 from the Examiner.

The Examiner reported on 31st January 2018 and this report is in the Consultations section. He has recommended that the Plan, with minor modifications, go forward to a Referendum. The updated Plan has been rescreened by Herefordshire Council, following which a Decision Statement (see Consultations section) was issued on 19th February 2018. This recommends that the Plan progresses to a Referendum.


162 votes were cast, representing 39.3% of the registered electors.

148 votes – YES (91.4%)

14 votes – NO (8.6%)

Following the successful outcome of the Referendum, under Article 19 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, Herefordshire Council MADE the Kimbolton Neighbourhood Plan on 15th june, 2018. The Plan now forms part of the Development Plan for Herefordshire.


Alison Beaumont, Yve James, Caroline Proctor, Kim Dando, Matt Duggan,
Richard Knight, Kevin Rowsell, John Wood

Neighbourhood Plan

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